Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tatjacket Premium Tattoo Concealer Blender Pack

Tatjacket Premium Tattoo Concealer Blender Pack

Tatjacket Premium Tattoo Concealer Blender Pack is one of the best tattoo concealer makeups out there in market today. It's not expensive, only $20 but do the job just exactly most of those expensive tattoo concealer makeup packs you find in market. Tatjacket Premium Tattoo Concealer makeup does not require a setting powder or spray. Also this makeup is made in America with top quality ingredients not some where you have never heard of or from China.Also Tatjacket Premium Tattoo Concealer conceals not just tattoos but also  dark spots, Acne, Rosacia, blemishes, veins, and scars too. A foundation brush is not required but does improve the application.

One of the usual problem we have when we are going to buy a Tattoo concealer cream is sometimes we have no idea color best suits our skin tone. Tatjacket Premium Tattoo Concealer Blender Pack is a perfect answer for this problem. It comes in smaller sized jars in sample collections of 3 tones each. BP 1 contains our 3 jars for lighter skin tones, BP 2 contains the 3  jars for darker skin tones. You get 3, 4ml jars with your order. Make sure to buy the right pack for your skin tone. Wrong one won't give you perfect result. It's better read all details in Amazon page before buying.

You don't need any special removers wash it off. Cleans up with soap and water will be enough. It won't won't crack or flake which you have it and also Resists rub-off  and water. Remember there are 2 different sets one for Dark skin and one for lighter skins. This is where most people get this mess up.

Tatjacket Premium Tattoo Concealer Blender Pack can be bought from Amazon only for $20 with free shipping. Check therir page for more information and for customer reviews.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

There was time when you do a tattoo it says for ever you like it or not. But later they found many ways to remove these. Latest tattoo removal method is laser tattoo removal. People make tattoos for various reasons and then later they want to get rid of those and this is where they realize its not easy as they think. Tattoo removal is painful and also expensive process if you do it at a tattoo shop. There are several methods to remove a tattoo without laser removal.

One method is Dermabrasion. it's a real surgical procedure typically performed only in a professional medical setting by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon trained specifically in this invasive procedure . Basically they do a skin planing. TCA is another method of tattoo removal. In this method Trichloroacetic acid is used for removing the top layers of skin, reaching as deep as the layer in which the tattoo ink reside. Another old fashion method is salabrasion which is scrubbing the tattoo with salt.

Laser tattoo removal has started commercially available since early 1990s. You can remove any tattoo 100% with laser tattoo removal. But this might be an expensive method. But if you have your ex girlfriends name on chest or hand you need to remove it at any cost. Laser tattoo removal has a huge demand and now there are small Laser tattoo removal pens which you can use at home to remove small tattoos. It cost only around $50 but seems work well on smaller tattoos. Better use something like Bacitracin to prevent skin infections and you will be fine.

There are also Tattoo Concealer Blender cream. This tattoo concealer cream covers the tattoo and give those natural skin look. These are heavily used on Hollywood movies since some of most famous Hollywood actors and actresses have tattoos all over their bodies. Also if you like your tattoo but want to make it invisible for just small period of time then these Tattoo Concealer Blender cream is for you. these are not expensive at all. Also very effective.

So there are many methods for tattoo removal. Some you can try at home and others you need a plastic surgeon or tattoo artists help. Tattoo removal technologies because better and better so this process get cheaper and painless. But always think twice before getting a tattoo. Having a tattoo is cool thing must you have to think hard if you can live with it. Also make sure you do it for the right reason and right place.